A Allied/Nashville Cab Corporate Charge Account provides your business or organization with priority access to passenger and package delivery services twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week. A Corporate Charge Account is the perfect answer for providing transportation for important clients, visiting executives, or associates on the move.

Your Corporate Charge Account will give you superb documentation of your local travel expenses and eliminate the need for petty cash transactions and reimbursement records. A detailed statement of account use is provided semi-monthly. Your statement will provide passenger names, dates and times of travel, pick up points and destinations. For your added convenience, we can even capture and report client codes, cost centers and/or authorizing individuals. Entries on your statement can be sorted by cost center identifiers. When your Corporate Account is established, we will assign an Account Executive to work with you and your staff to help you maximize the advantages of your account. You will find that your Allied/Nashville Cab Corporate Charge Account is an exceptionally valuable tool for your business or organization.

To apply today, please contact us at: 703-525-4500

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